China lift “Jamón Ibérico” import ban after years

jamon bellota

China lift ham import ban after years of lobbying by Spain’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Ministry. Spain’s ham shoulders and legs will debut at the China International Import Export in Shanghai, inaugurated by President Xi Jinping’s visit to Spain – deeming it “Spanish caviar.” SPANISH Serrano ham producing companies are set for a multi-million euros … [Read more...]

The types of cured Spanish hams

There are basically two different types of cured hams in Spain, jamón serrano or “mountain ham,” and jamón ibérico or “Iberian ham.” Jamón Serrano – There are almost 2,000 producers of Serrano ham in Spain. Eighteen of these producers formed the Consorcio de Jamón Serrano Español in 1990. The name Jamón Serrano is now controlled … [Read more...]

How to eat a great piece of sliced hams

The best sliced ham is present as a piece ham that thin and long. Here has 3 important elements that can help you taste the best ham. Firstly, the most important thing is that you need a best quality spanish ham- iberian acorn ham. Secondly, a good knife, a knife that specially using to slice … [Read more...]

¨The Green¨ Iberian Hams

According to the latest scientific studies and research, it shows that the Iberian acorn ham is the healthiest and best tasting hams, it’s especially good for those people who have cardiovascular problems. Iberian ham as one of the traditional the Mediterranean delicacies, its adipose fat but not greasy, offering better flavour and more special taste. … [Read more...]