Iberian pork Growing and Production Areas

Production of Iberian pork products is widespread throughout Extremadura, making this region the foremost producer in Spain. Here, almost a million hectares of dehesa rangeland are used for grazing by nearly 1500 livestock farms.


The principal production areas are the mountain range of southwestern Badajoz (1), Ibor and Villuercas (2), Southern Gredos (3), Sierra de Montánchez mountains (4) and Sierra de San Pedro mountains (5). It is in these areas that the majority of the hundred or so existing production enterprises are located.

Jamón ibérico shop

Spain has four regions where D.O. (designation of origin) Ibérico hams are produced: Extremadura, Guijuelo (Salamanca), la Sierra de Huelva (where the town of Jabugo is located), and Los Pedroches(Córdoba). Teruel also produces its share of quality ham, although not from Iberian pigs but from “white pigs” whose parent stock, boars and sows, are purebred Durocs and Landrace-Large White crossbreeds, respectively.