Ham with Melon

A balance diet that allows you to maintain great physical health and taste the most seductive Spanish food: Iberico ham.

Who says that combine light dish with ham is impossible? In fact, it’s one of the main dining optionals in summer, thanks to creativity and versatility offering the most prestigious international food. Healthy, delicious and full of flavor. We found those delicacies that in lots of the finest bars, terraces and restaurant are lack of distinction and color of toughing.

Jamón ibérico de Bellota

Between the most innovative models, people highlight that combine the pinion ravioli with sliced ham, tempura with seaweed and ham, packet eggs with ham or puff with foie cream with ham. Also it can be different taste bring up with different wines and champagnes.

For the summer won’t be tasteless, it’ll palate melts under the bright sun of mediterranean cuisine.

Acorn fed Iberian Ham

When you lock yourself in the kitchen, you won’t think about odometer of calorie. Because Iberian ham is one of the most healthy melts in the world,  great tastes but without high calorie. Whatever you want to mix up another foods with ham, it still ensure it’ll be health for your body.