How to identify the quality of The hams

Identify Iberian Bellota ham (JAMÓN IBÉRICO)

As everyone knows that spanish hams have lots of different types: Iberian ham, Serrano ham, Iberian acorns ham, and so on. So how to identify the hams’ quality is the question that people always ask for.



Even through the products are different, but the ways to identify are absolutely same. Here are 2 most useful methods:

1 – The flavor and the grain of Spanish ham. The flavor of spanish hams before you taste the ham, you’ll smelling its fragrance. Once you eat it, the taste will stay in your mouth long time.

2 – The grain of the ham. If it’s a great Spanish ham, it has the grains that likes marble. Great grains with color red and white.

Once you saw the ham has these 2 elements, it is a great Spanish ham for sure. Because only the best Spanish hams can have both of them.