Traditional spanish pata negra ham jamón ibérico

Traditional Iberian Bellota ham (jamón ibérico de bellota)

Traditional wisdom dictates that good iberian ham and jamón ibérico de bellota “Gran Reserva” should be consumed preferably cut by hand at the moment of consuming with we can to prepare variety of dishes and gourmet plates.

jamon bellota

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  The accessories that we need to cut our iberian ham are:

  1. Ham holder stand: allows us to set up the iberian ham to be cut properly.
  2. Carving knife
  3. Sprig Knife: with a short, sharp and narrow blade for cutting around bones when needed.
  4. Paring knife: a wide, sturdy sheet that we use to remove the rind of the iberian ham.
  5. Sharpening steel: to sharpen the knives.

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